About Josh Timmins Blacksmithing.

Well,  where to begin,  at the start I suppose!   


So I started off my own business about 6years ago called Industrial Fusion, primarily making high end industrial furniture,  as a bit of a side line I also made outdoor fire pits and braziers.  I still make the fire pits and braziers and also still make commission custom furniture.


Then one day after about 2 years, out of the blue,  I just decided that I would get into Blacksmithing....... don't really know how or why just sort of came to me! 

So after making a forge and getting together the basic tools off I went on my new journey,  suffice to say it was a sharp brutal learning curve!!!  But after many hours at the forge and anvil I slowly gained the skills to make all the ideas that were floating around in my head.  As my skills grew I slowly spent more and more time Blacksmithing and less time making furniture.  As business's often do mine evolved until I pretty much became a full time Blacksmith.

Which brings us to the present.  I make all kinds of forged goods so there is never a dull moment I can assure you!  

If you are after some custom work drop me a line,  chances are I have probably made an example of what you are after!